Muscle Behind Omega

Found in fish (especially in salmon and trout), as well as grenoble nuts, linseed, canola oil, soy bean, seaweed or algae, Omega-3 is very beneficial and everyone wants it, particularly the natural food stores because of the high demand. Omega-3 can be found in capsule form, powders and liquids.

The obvious reason for such a high demand in stores is understandably because, modern agricultural commodities and modified foods have an enormous deficiency in Omega-3. A deficiency so severe, that it has led to cardiovascular disease measured in epidemic proportions.

As an example, farmers no longer feed their cows linseed, but rather corn which has no Omega-3 whatsoever. Canada and the US have one of the highest rates of cardiovascular disease in the world. Is this a coincidence? No, it is not!

The consumption of fish in both these countries is very low. In Japan, where fish is consumed daily, there are less cancer and cardiovascular disease many times over.

The irony is that people in our countries don’t need to fish to get Omega-3 directly from the source, and neither do they need to buy it in capsules, powder, and liquid form. It’s been proven that trout raised in trout farms contain just as much Omega-3 as trout in the wild. Consequently, we have no excuse for not eating fish at least twice a week to get our Omega-3 directly from the source.

Some researchers are suggesting that there’s a possible link between the lack of Omega-3 in our system and certain mental disorders such as manic-depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies suggest that pregnant women should eat plenty of fish if they want to be less susceptible to postpartum depression. Last but not least, it is being suggested that enough Omega-3 in your system would replace anti depressants.