Hoodia Gordonii

One side effect associated with appetite suppressants which contain stimulants is increased heart rate. No studies of hoodia gordonii side effects list increased heart rate. In animal studies, no increased heart rate was noted. Phytopharm, the British pharmaceutical company which is licensed to develop the active molecule in hoodia gordonii, published the results of one clinical study and noted that there was no increase in heart rate among participants. Phytopharm recently announced that phase one of a five phase research project has been completed. Generally companies do not proceed with research if dangerous side effects are noted, but in some cases pharmaceutical companies develop drugs which are known to pose health risks and complicate existing health problems. There may be unknown side effects of hoodia gordonii. Phytopharm is not publishing research reports.

Informal studies of hoodia gordonii side effects performed by supplement companies and in some cases by independent practitioners have reported no increase in heart rate, no increase in blood pressure and no detrimental side effects. Animal studies performed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa reported that animals lost weight after being fed hoodia, but not because of any toxic effect. The CSIR is credited with identifying and isolating the active molecule in hoodia gordonii. It appears that the side effects of hoodia are none.

Product reviews, testimonials and customer comments contain no reference to side effects of hoodia. Published negative comments indicate that some products do not work for some people. Individuals have reported trying several different products before finding one that worked for them. If there are hoodia gordonii side effects, then no one is talking about them.