This is how the pharmacy chain’s future pharmacy is coming to life

Posted by Ars Technic on January 13, 2019 06:09:06In a blog post today, Leroy Pharmacy Company announced it will begin testing its first pharmacy, the first of its kind in the United States, in 2018.

That new location, a new pharmacy in New York City’s Little Italy neighborhood, will be able to serve only pharmacies that are certified as having a pharmacy card.

LEROY’s new location will be in a small corner of a larger, more complex building on the New York University campus.

Leroys pharmacy card is already in use in all of its existing pharmacies.

The company says it expects to launch the first three pharmacies in 2018, including the first in New England, and then expand to the rest of the country in 2019.

The LEROYS brand will become part of a broader expansion plan that includes opening a second pharmacy in Texas and a third in California.

Lerson says it will be “delivering to a wide range of customers” through an expanding number of partners, but declined to provide a timeframe for when that expansion will begin.

Lest we forget, LERoy was founded in 2014, by a family that owns a pharmacy and owns Leroyd’s.

The chain’s name is derived from the Italian word “leroy,” which means “to turn.”

LerOY is based in Los Angeles, California.