Why the NFL should not be selling the Cowboys jerseys

I’m not sure why the NFL’s jersey deal with Adidas is being pushed by the Dallas Cowboys, but that is a question for another day. 

I understand why a number of NFL owners want to make it easier for fans to buy NFL tickets, but I wonder if a league that prides itself on being open and transparent with its fans and the public is trying to keep a lid on the public relations fiasco. 

As I wrote last week, this whole thing has been a complete disaster. 

What I really want to know is why this deal is being negotiated at all. 

The Dallas Cowboys have had a history of negotiating deals with their biggest partners. 

They have negotiated with Adidas, they have negotiated deals with Nike, they are negotiating deals on apparel deals. 

So why this particular deal? 

In a way, this is a perfect storm of timing. 

In the aftermath of the recent hurricanes, it has been difficult for fans in the Dallas area to travel and to access the NFL. 

If the Cowboys were to sell the team to Adidas, that would be a major relief for fans, but the team is not on the market and the only way to get tickets would be through the Cowboys website. 

That is, unless the Cowboys decide to sell. 

This is also a perfect opportunity for the NFL to try to get its image back on track, as the Dallas market is one of the most loyal in the league. 

I think it is safe to say that the NFL has been trying to push the image of the league as open and honest with its loyal fans for some time now. 

It has been widely reported that the league is negotiating a deal to sell a team in Houston. 

After the Super Bowl, the NFL did a huge marketing blitz on social media and Twitter to try and get the word out that the Cowboys had sold their stadium. 

We saw the first signs of a new openness with the Houston Texans. 

And the league has been doing this on television with the NFL Network and ESPN, which is a huge step for the league in trying to get people to come back to watch the games. 

But in the case of the Cowboys, the fans are having trouble getting to the stadium and even with the help of the team’s social media accounts, they cannot get to the games for a variety of reasons. 

First, fans have been locked out of the stadium, and fans have complained that the fans at the stadium have been waiting too long to get in to see the games on television. 

Second, fans are frustrated that the team has not been giving them the kind of amenities that they have been getting for years, like the Cowboys’ new “Lemonade Stand” at the Cowboys stadium, a massive concession stand with a full bar and a “food truck” offering hot dogs and pizza. 

Third, fans in Dallas have been frustrated that they cannot see a game. 

You see that in a lot of the protests around the country. 

When the NFL sold the team in 2017, the Cowboys used to have a huge “Limeade Stand”, which was a huge concession stand in the Cowboys Stadium. 

Now, fans can’t see a team game because they cannot enter the stadium because it is closed. 

Fans can only see a few games in a day, but for the most part, fans would rather be in the stadium.

So what does this have to do with the Dallas-Houston deal?

It seems that the deal is just a way for the Cowboys to make sure that they are not in the same spot that they were last year. 

For the first time in history, the Dallas stadium was not open to the public. 

There was no public access to the practice field and there were no signs in the parking lot that said “Dallas Cowboys practice is open for fans.” 

I don’t know how many fans are going to want to watch a game in front of a large number of empty seats, but fans are still going to be waiting for their teams to be open. 

Not only are fans unhappy with the Cowboys not being open to fans, the stadium is not being able to be used as a venue for NFL football, which was supposed to be a huge draw for fans. 

Even though the stadium was supposed, at the time, to be full, the league announced in August that they would not allow fans to watch NFL games in the facility. 

Again, this deal seems to be designed to help the Cowboys avoid being in a similar spot that the Houston team was last year, and that is not the case anymore. 

A few other details that might be relevant: The Cowboys did not make a $20 million dollar offer for the team, which they did with the Seahawks and Saints. 

Instead, they offered $30 million for the franchise. 

According to my sources, the offer that the Seahawks