When a pharmacy technician’s pay rises by more than 20%, it’s an investment

An Australian pharmacy technician earns more than the average pharmacy technician in the UK, but the pay rise does not appear to be reflected in the pay packets offered by their employers.

The average salary of a pharmacy technicians is $30,700, which is slightly above the national average of $29,000.

But the pay is not as high as that of a nurse, doctor or paramedic, according to data released by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Industry Association.

The data showed the average pay for pharmacy technicians rose by an average of 10% to $38,200, and the pay of a clinical pharmacy technician rose by 17% to about $34,700.

The biggest increase was seen for a pharmacy assistant, which rose by 8% to roughly $28,900.

The pharmacist’s salary also increased by an estimated $10,800.

Pharmacy technician salaries are usually negotiated by the company and are subject to a range of other restrictions, including the ability to work at any of the country’s 24 pharmacy centres.

There are also some specialised pharmacists, such as the emergency medicine pharmacy technician, who work in regional hospitals.

This allows them to have access to an extensive range of specialist equipment.

A pharmacist will usually earn around $35,000 in the pharmacist pay packet.

Pharmacists also get paid for the time they spend working with patients.

However, some workers have to work more hours to ensure they can make enough money.

This includes pharmacy technicians who work on weekends and evenings, and who are required to work in shifts.

A total of 23% of pharmacists surveyed in the survey said they worked over 24 hours a day, and 25% said they were required to travel over 400 kilometres to work, up from 40% a decade ago.