What to know about the coronavirus outbreak in the Philippines

PASADENA, CA— A recent outbreak of coronaviruses linked to an online pharmacy has sent the Philippines into a deep crisis, officials said Tuesday, as the country grapples with an outbreak of new coronavireptids linked to the pandemic.

Officials said the Philippine Health Department is investigating whether two pharmacies in the southern city of Cebu have been selling the highly contagious coronaviral vaccine.

The health department’s public affairs office said on its website that “there is no information yet that indicates the use of a pharmacist to make and sell a vaccine.”

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has called the vaccine a “miracle.”

He said on Sept. 23 that “a vaccine can be made and sold” in the country.

Duterte has also warned the virus can cause serious side effects, such as liver damage.

He said that if a vaccine is not manufactured and sold, the Philippines could face a public health disaster.

The Philippines has had a series of high-profile coronavires, including a case of a man who died from coronaviraemia and an outbreak in a medical clinic that killed 10 people.

The Philippines is also battling another pandemic, which is thought to be spreading by the Philippines’ southern neighbor, China.

The latest outbreak of the coronivirus comes after a year of high levels of the disease in the region, especially in rural areas.

Health officials have said the new coronvirus, which has a new strain of coronavia virus, is linked to three cases of the new virus circulating in the Southeast Asian country.

The government has been urging Filipinos to avoid outdoor activities and get vaccinated.

The government has also said that Filipinos who do not get vaccinated should go to hospitals to get tested for coronaviroas.

The United Nations says about 1,000 people have died in the Philippine region in the past six months, and nearly 2,000 are hospitalized.

The United Nations said the Philippines has recorded the highest number of coronviroas deaths in Asia, including Southeast Asia.

The Philippine government says the government has ordered vaccinations for all Filipinos, including teachers, students, retirees, health workers and students.