5 Reasons to Go to a PTA or Pharmacy on Labor Day (Not Labor Day)

PTA and pharmacy attendance are the most important days of the year for the American labor movement.

They are when people are getting a sense of solidarity with the struggles of workers. 

PTA and pharmacies are important to the organizing of all workers.

They can give us a sense that we are part of the working class and that we can rely on them.

Purchasing an average of 2.6 prescriptions per worker each day is a great starting point for organizing in this way.

PTA meetings also offer the opportunity to have a discussion about our struggles and make the case for our interests.

I love to hear from my members about their struggles.

When we are on strike, for example, we can discuss how we can make the strike harder.

We can also talk about our goals, what we want to achieve, and what we would like to achieve if we are able to strike. 

  If we have a hard day at work, we are much more likely to have time to discuss our struggles with our PTA members.

The PTA can help us to understand our struggle and to identify our weaknesses.

I often meet members who have been on strike and are having a hard time finding an outlet to talk about their frustrations. 

PTA members are very important to me because they are our lifeline, both in organizing and in our lives.

They have the strength to pick up our spirits, even if we aren’t able to do so on our own.

They keep us grounded and motivated.

Ptsa members often find that they cannot express their frustration openly in a social media environment.

We need to show them that we want their support.

We also need to make sure that we give them the support they need. 

The more we do our part, the better we will be at building a movement for workers.

Pta members are the people that we must listen to, share our experiences, and listen to each other.

They make us who we are. 

I would love to see PTA chapters in all workplaces throughout the country, and all across the country.

It’s my hope that we will build the power of our unions and the political power of PTA to fight for a better future for all of us. 

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