Which pharmacies are most likely to treat the flu?

The flu is still circulating in the U.S., but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned people to take extra precautions and be vigilant.

The agency says more than two-thirds of Americans have been diagnosed with flu-like symptoms, and they’ve been seen by more than 1,500 healthcare professionals since the pandemic began.

It says more patients are likely to be diagnosed with other chronic illnesses, including pneumonia, than with flu.

But the CDC is warning people to stay alert and take precautions.

Some experts say it’s best to avoid going outside for at least 24 hours, especially for children.

And the CDC recommends staying home if you have to work or attend school, especially if you’ve had flu symptoms.

The CDC has said it expects more than 5 million Americans to be infected with flu in the next three weeks.