Rogers pharmacy sells its own health insurance provider to make it easier for the company’s customers to buy insurance coverage

Rogers Pharmacy in Toronto, Canada, is the latest pharmacy to launch a health insurance program called Pharmacy Keeper.

Pharmacy Keepers are the first company in Canada to offer health insurance to customers.

Pharmacies in other Canadian cities have been doing this for years.

But Pharmacykeepers is unique in that it offers health insurance at no cost to customers, a service that can be easily adapted to a pharmacy’s business model.

The company is offering a minimum of $1,500 for pharmacy and pharmacy management services, plus $5,000 in annual insurance contributions.

Pharmacists and pharmacy managers in Ontario and Manitoba can join the Pharmacykeeper program.

“There are plenty of opportunities to leverage the Pharmacist Keeper program to help our pharmacy community achieve greater access to the health care services that they need,” Pharmacykeeping president Michael R. Smith said in a statement.

“In our experience, the benefits of pharmacy management are evident in our success in meeting the needs of our customers.”

Rogers Pharmaceuticals is the second largest pharmacy in Canada.

In the United States, its pharmacy is owned by the Alliance Health Corp. in Las Vegas.

The pharmacy is also the first pharmacy in the world to offer pharmacy management, as well as a full range of services, including prescription drugs and health insurance.

Pharmaceutics says the program will be available in Toronto and Edmonton over the next two years.

Pharmacares, like the pharmaceutical industry, has struggled to find the right mix of patients, the right policies and the right providers to meet their needs.

There is also an opportunity to grow the market for pharmacy management to meet demand and expand supply, said Stephen A. Mennen, the CEO of the Canadian Pharmacy Association.

“The challenge in pharmacy management is that there are a lot of providers who are not necessarily offering the best pharmacy management service, and those that are offering the service are often limited in scope,” Mennan said.

“It is up to pharmacare to look at a broader set of options and look at what is the best solution for the patient, and what is not the best answer.”

Pharmacykeepers can get a copy of the Pharmaceutics Policy Statement here.