Pharmacy companies want to cut cost in 2018, but patient data is a big obstacle

Health care costs in the United States have risen more than 8% over the past year, and consumers have become increasingly wary of the cost of medications.

But there are plenty of things consumers can do to lower their healthcare bills, especially if they have health insurance.

The board of pharmaceuticals said on Monday that it will be launching a pilot program in 2018 that would allow consumers to compare their health care costs with their spending on their prescription drugs.

The drugmakers plan to provide access to an online marketplace for consumers to buy prescription drugs through a partnership with the federal government.

The pilot would allow patients to compare prescription drugs on a nationwide level, and to receive coupons to lower the cost per dose.

It’s unclear if other companies are looking at similar pilot programs to reduce the cost for consumers.

In a letter to shareholders, the American Academy of Actuaries said that it has been working with the industry on a number of issues, including online comparison, but the pharmacy companies are “committed to continuing to work with all stakeholders to achieve this goal.”

The American Pharmacists Association has also said that pharmacy companies should have greater access to patient data and that “data privacy should be a priority for all stakeholders.”AARP CEO Dr. Andrew Steer said in a statement that it was “disappointing” that some industry groups were trying to limit competition and reduce costs.

“While this pilot is intended to provide patients and prescribers with a tool to compare the cost and quality of their medications, it is also critical that we maintain the right to innovate and innovate responsibly to reduce health care cost and improve the quality of life for patients,” he said.