Pens: Benzer Pharmacy opens in West Palm Beach

Pens GM Ron Hextall said he has a plan to open a Benzer pharmacy in West Palmdale by July.

The Pens and Benzer will open a pharmacy in the West Palm beach community by July, Hextal said Monday.

The Pens’ franchise is located in Westwood.

The new pharmacy will be located at 3120 N. Ocean Drive, Heptall said.

It’s an investment in the community.

This is a really important part of PensNation and a new, big opportunity for the Pens to expand into West Palm.

This is a big win for PensNation, Hepta said.

Benzer’s stores are located in Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

It was founded in 2008 in Florida.

Hextel said the new pharmacy, with its 70,000 square-foot facility, will have a retail presence.

The pharmacy will employ about 250 people, Hexy said.

Hextall also said PensNation will start a new partnership with another local business, the West Coast Bakers, to make sure PensNations products are available for the West coast.

Benzers products are sold by the pack and at the store, Hexton said.

He added that PensNationals sales in the U.S. have increased 10.5% this year.