How to deal with randalls pharmacist on pharmacy trip

Randalls Pharmacy is facing criticism over its response to a complaint over a pharmacy trip where a customer was treated to a glass of wine, a coffee, and an order of french fries.Read more‍After being approached by the customer, a representative of the pharmacy decided to make the visit a private one and then went on to order the wine and french fries, the customer said.

In a statement posted on the company’s website, the representative said: We were made aware of an issue with a customer who was unable to attend her appointment due to the weather.

The representative added: We made an effort to get the customer seated in the lobby and made an appointment to sit her at the pharmacy.

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach her and as a result she was left unable to order her own products.

The customer is appealing against the decision and is currently in court with the pharmacy on her complaint.

Randalls said the customer’s case was handled by the company to the extent that the company could not make the customer available for an appointment.

Read More:The company said it had spoken to the customer and offered her a refund.

It also said it has been “concerned” about a similar situation involving a customer in November 2017, when a member of staff was unable do a pharmacy visit because the customer was too busy.

The company apologised for the “unacceptable” behaviour and said it was looking into the situation.