A drug shop that dispensed ‘flesh and blood’ to patients

An Indian pharmacy technician who sold human kidneys and blood to patients at a market street pharmacy in Pune has been sentenced to four years in jail for the “unnatural” sale of blood.

In an indictment filed by a Pune court, the pharmacist, who has been identified only as Anurag, had sold organs and organs for profit, and had sold blood as well.

According to the court, Anurags mother had died a few days before his arrest, and the doctor had taken his father’s kidneys.

Anurag had sold his organs in bulk, for a monthly sum of Rs 5,000.

The court was told that the patient had died of an infection within 24 hours of the delivery of the organ.

An affidavit filed by the court showed that Anuraks mother had passed away in the hospital after the surgery and he had not received the organ after her death.

Anuragan had taken the kidney from the deceased’s wife and had given it to the deceased to give to his sister who was pregnant at the time.

He had told the court that he was not responsible for the deceaseds condition.

Anorag, however, claimed that he had been doing the work in his house and that his father had died during his surgery.

The court was also told that he did not have any criminal record.