Why Randalls pharmacy in Queens is the worst in town

The shelves are bare and empty, the drugstore is boarded up, the signs on the door are out of date.

The pharmacy is filled with medications, and its name, Randalls Pharmacy, is printed on a white board on the wall.

Its location on East 83rd Street is in a busy section of the Queens borough, right near the entrance to Manhattan’s Central Park, and in the midst of an increasingly gentrified neighborhood.

Randalls Pharmacist is a drugstore that is known for a number of things: it is a pharmacy that sells a drug, it is located on the corner of East 83 and 87th Streets, it sells groceries and cosmetics, it has a pharmacy on every corner, it can be seen on TV news, it’s located on Broadway and 7th Avenue, and, most importantly, it serves the people of Queens.

On Thursday, Randills Pharmacy is the only pharmacy in Brooklyn to be shut down for a few days, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But the reason for the shutdown is not the pandemic, or even the coronovirus, but the health of the pharmacy, according to a statement released by the pharmacy’s owners, which also notes that the store’s shelves are filled with the most expensive medications in the country.

“Randalls has had some issues over the past few months.

The medication inventory at the pharmacy has grown to a large number of medications and is filling up our inventory even before the coronivirus pandemics.

We are currently struggling with an inventory crunch and need a temporary staffing solution to support the increasing demand for medications,” the statement reads.

That shortage of medication in the store is a big problem, because, as the New York Post points out, in the past five days, Randers pharmacy has run out of prescription medications, including an estimated 1.5 million pills, and more than 3.5 pounds of liquid medicine.

The company says it will be open again on Friday.

Randalls CEO John Bogle, a Democrat, says that the problem of oversupply is being addressed, and that it’s only a matter of time before the store will be back open.

“We’ve had to make some changes to our supply chain to meet the demand,” he said, according the New Yorker.

“And it’s really hard to overstate how important it is to do what we do and to maintain the quality of the product we sell.”

But Randalls owner, Daniel Rand, is not happy about the shutdown.

Rand, who owns several other stores in Brooklyn, said that the decision to shut down the pharmacy comes as a “great surprise” and “very upsetting” to the community.

“I’m very sad, and I’m very upset.

It’s a really sad thing to have happen,” he told the Post.”

It’s a very big blow for us and it’s a real setback for the community,” he added.

“We’ll do everything we can to try to get back in business.”

The Randalls, who were originally founded in 1947, is the second oldest and largest pharmacy in New York.

Rand is owned by billionaire industrialist George Soros, and he and his wife, Anne, also have interests in Brooklyn.

The Randlings are a big beneficiary of the Affordable Care Act.

They were among the first pharmacies to offer coverage to all residents, as well as a discount on prescription drugs, and they are now among the largest retailers in the borough.

They also are the largest pharmacy chain in the city, and Randalls sells medication through pharmacies in other areas of the city.