Why Maria Luisa is the woman who’s been killing it in her corner pharmacy

It’s the most famous pharmacy in America: Maria Luis is the pharmacy lady of the Bronx.

With her trademark bright, bubbly smile, a soft, warm smile and her thick Spanish accent, she’s always on hand to sell you a prescription.

But her most beloved customers are the elderly.

As the pharmacy’s pharmacy assistant, she can be found in the corner pharmacy of the New York City Medical Center waiting to dispense the prescription.

“It’s the oldest pharmacy in the Bronx, and I’m the only person who can answer the phone,” Luisa said.

“I’m the closest person to the patient.

I have a long way to go.”

Maria Luis, a pharmacy assistant in the New City Medical center, is a rarity in the area.

She’s the only pharmacy assistant to answer the call of the elderly patient.

“It’s not an easy job,” she said.

Maria Luisa, who is the only pharmacist at the Bronx Medical Center, answers the phone in her office in the old Bronx Medical Building in the city’s Bronx borough.

Luis, who works in the pharmacy as the pharmacy assistant at the Manhattan Medical Center and at a nursing home, is the Bronx’s only pharmacy lady.

“When the patients come in, they just want to be taken care of,” she says.

“They don’t want to take time off.

They want to see the doctor.”

She can’t get any help from the community, though.

She works in a secure facility in the hospital.

She was laid off last month.

The city says she’s a temporary employee and can’t work there.

She doesn’t know how long she’ll be here, she said, but she’s ready to retire.

She is just one of many elderly residents who are forced to deal with the carelessness of the community.

The Bronx Medical Foundation, a non-profit that provides health care to people who have a disability, is one of several groups that have called for Luis to retire and she has no plans to go.

She said she’s proud to be a Bronx resident, and that the support she gets from the residents of the city is invaluable.

“We are proud of Maria and we want to continue supporting her.

I think she’s doing a good job, and we have a lot of pride in her,” said Roberta Tafoya, president of the foundation.”

She’s not here to be an absentee nurse.

She has her own schedule, and she knows that there’s other people who are waiting,” said her daughter, Marissa Luis.

“She knows she can’t always be there for everyone.”

Marissa Luisa also works as the pharmacist for a nearby hospital.

The Bronx Medical Alliance, which is a nonprofit organization of residents, said that her job is crucial for elderly patients.

She said she has the best job in the world, but the only way to do it is to work full time.

“You have to have your job, but it’s not only your job,” Marissa said.