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The NHL’s new “viral marketing” campaign has given a glimpse into the world of online marketing, but not the way most people see it.

And as the sport’s stars like Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby are enjoying a momentous offseason, the world needs to know how it’s all going to play out.

Here are five things you need to know about the new campaign, which is set to hit stores in the fall and the playoffs.

The campaign is a mix of old-school viral videos and brand-new footage of celebrities.

You’ll see stars and players wearing new-style jerseys and hats, with a few stars getting to see their favorite players at the game.

The goal is to have a fun, exciting and eye-catching video with some of the league’s top players.

The league will make sure that these stars are not wearing a jersey that is too big, too short or too old.

This video will be shown at a random time during each game, and players will be able to choose whether they want to receive the message from their jersey or not.

The NHL has also partnered with an Instagram account, @nhlviral, to let fans know that players will receive updates on the game on Twitter.

Fans can follow players in real-time by posting a photo or a video to the social media site and the NHL will provide players with a link to view their photo on their own page.

It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on the Instagram account for updates.

The players will also get a chance to share their favorite moments with their fans on social media and the team will also provide fans with exclusive merchandise.

Players will get to keep their jerseys for a limited time.

The jerseys will not be resold or resold for cash.

The players will only be able get a new jersey if they donate $5 to the NHL Foundation.

The NHL has a new, more streamlined digital advertising strategy.

The brand-name companies behind these ads, including EA Sports and Coca-Cola, will be the primary advertising partners.

This means that players and the fans will be getting the same advertising that’s been in place for years.

This will allow the league to have more flexibility with the amount of time it spends on digital advertising.

The league is also experimenting with new ways to communicate with fans.

The most popular way of sending out text messages, for instance, is to post the message to a Twitter account and then let fans follow the player and their team.

The tweets are then sent directly to fans.

Fans will then receive the text messages on their phones.

This allows fans to send direct messages to players and their teams and also gives fans the opportunity to interact with players and teams directly.

This could be especially helpful if a fan is not in a specific geographic area and would like to know where their favorite player is playing.

Players and fans will also be able see which jerseys are sold at the store and which jerseys were available during the last game.

Fans can also look up their team’s jersey inventory in a digital shop on the NHL.com store.

There, fans can see if their favorite team has any available jerseys and where their team stands in the race to win the Stanley Cup.

The fans can also buy any of the jerseys on the team’s merchandise page and get a personalized gift from the team.

In addition to the league and players, the NHL and EA Sports will be partnering with the NBA and the NFL.

Both the NBA’s official social media accounts, @NBASocial and @NBA, and @NHL, are now available on the league website.

The @NBA Twitter account, which has been around since the league launched in 2015, has already received a lot of attention and is now the most popular account on the NBA website.

Fans also will be receiving the chance to send messages via Twitter to other people who are on the ice and will be given a chance for a personal message.

The messages will also include photos of the players or their team as well as the message.

If the message reaches 10,000 retweets, the message will be added to the official NHL Twitter account.

The team will be posting a video of every player participating in the game as well.

Fans are encouraged to tweet at the NHL, @Nhl, @theNHL and @theNBAS.

If a tweet reaches 1,000, the video will also go viral and be shared by fans on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media.

This is the first time that the NHL has ever done this, and it’s an exciting first step to bring a video experience to the digital platform.

The hashtag #GoaltendingPenguins will be trending on Twitter throughout the playoffs and the first round of the Stanley Cups.

This hashtag will be displayed on the scoreboard for every game during the first five minutes of each game.

Fans will also have the chance for autographs and videos