When Smiths pharmacy closes, many customers have no option but to buy from the online market

Smiths has announced that all its pharmacies will be closing at the end of the month.

The chain said that, in response to the market downturn, it has decided to shut down the majority of its pharmacies, including the ones that sell prescription drugs.

In response to growing competition from Amazon, which is offering to pay for online purchases, many of its competitors have been forced to cut back on their pharmacy services.

It is also closing several locations in the US, including in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Smiths said that some customers will have no choice but to pay $1.99 or more for prescriptions online.

The pharmacy chain will also be limiting the number of prescription prescriptions it can deliver at any given time.

It said that customers who do not pay for prescriptions can expect to receive a letter informing them of their right to request a refund.

The announcement came as many US customers have been trying to find cheaper online options, such as Amazon Prime, as they struggle to pay their bills.

Some people have even taken to using Amazon Prime as a way to try to save money.

The company has also recently announced that it will offer a discount of up to 30% to consumers who order online.

Smith’s decision comes after the chain said last year that it was considering closing its entire pharmacy network.

It has also faced increasing competition from online retailers such as Walmart, which has recently expanded its presence in the country.

Smith also recently closed a number of locations in Europe, but has said that the chain is open for business in the UK, Canada and Ireland.

This article first appeared on News24.