Walgreens pharmacy: Bitcoin is the future

WALGOWS PHARMACEUTICAL has confirmed it will be launching Bitcoin-based payments through its online pharmacy app this year.

Walgreens said it will launch a bitcoin debit card for use in its pharmacy, and it will offer bitcoin debit cards for online ordering.

Bitcoin debit cards are used to pay for goods and services, and Walgops is the first pharmacy in the US to accept bitcoin payments, it said in a statement.WALGOPS PHARMACY BITCOINS NEWS: Walgrees first bitcoin debitcard for online pharmacy https://t.co/7d6pBVJ8dX via @Walgreen pic.twitter.com/X9qWlKzX8o — Walgreen Pharmacy (@walgreenspharmacy) August 4, 2019Bitcoin debit card transactions are also being offered through the pharmacy’s online store, where customers can select bitcoin to pay using the app.

Walgreens said its bitcoin debit Card is “in its early days” and the company will only support one type of payment method at a time.

Walgreens’ partnership with Coinbase is notable, as the San Francisco-based bitcoin exchange has a number of merchants accepting bitcoin as a payment method.

The company said it plans to release a bitcoin payment card in the coming weeks, and that it will also offer bitcoin payment options for its online store and at Walgies retail stores.

The Walgones Bitcoin Card is only the latest in a growing list of bitcoin-accepting retailers, including Apple, Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Walmart.

Walt Disney World, which is accepting bitcoin for its Magic Kingdom Theme Park, said in September that it would accept bitcoin as payment, and in December, it became the first major theme park to offer bitcoin payments.