The Top 5 Worst Drugs in America

When I was younger, the first thing I thought of when I heard “drugstore pharmacy” was an oxycontin dispenser.

There are a ton of these on the market today, so I was not surprised when the company that produces the drugs that are so popular in the United States, Purdue Pharma, was forced to put a stop to the practice when a court ruled in 2013 that they were not an oxycodone replacement.

A few years later, Purdue decided to bring back the drugstore pharmacy, which they had discontinued.

But now they have been forced to re-open the doors of their drugstore to the public again.

I was pleasantly surprised by the new location, and it is definitely worth a visit.

This pharmacy, located in Tarrytown, Georgia, has a few different areas that can be accessed.

One of them is the pharmacy area, which has a pharmacy door with a glass window.

The pharmacist’s window is a little bit smaller, so you have to lift your hand up and let them open the door for you, but it’s still a great place to get your medicine.

This pharmacy also has a large waiting area, where you can also sit in front of the counter and wait for your medicine to arrive.

Another cool feature of this pharmacy is the large counter with an array of different prescription medications and medical equipment.

Once you are ready to take your medicine, you can either leave the pharmacy, or go directly to the cashier to pick up your prescription.

I opted for the latter.

I went into the pharmacy and picked up my prescription from the pharmacist.

I then walked to the counter.

They asked me to write down the drug I was taking, which I did.

After that, they checked my status and gave me a code for the medication that I was supposed to get.

I entered the code and I got the medicine.

It was a fairly cheap price for the medicine that I got.

After the pharmacy was closed, I went to the bathroom and was able to go inside and get some fresh air.

There were several other pharmacy stores in Tarytown that were closed and I was able get some supplies and snacks.

On the way home, I noticed that a couple of people were waiting for a cab.

I asked them if I could just use their phone to call them, and they said yes.

So, I walked to my house and called them and they came over to pick me up.

It was a pretty fun experience to be a part of a pharmacy that was opening up, but I do wish there were more of them in Tayetteville.

[Photo credit: Yelp]