Smiths pharmacy opens for business at new location in London

A new pharmacy in London will offer all-day pharmacy services starting today.

Smiths Pharmacy in Stratford opened in June to cater to the growing demand for health-related products and services.

“We’re delighted to be opening our first pharmacy in the UK, and we’re looking forward to serving our customers in Stratfords area, with an emphasis on our pharmacy staff,” said Smiths CEO Peter Mather.

Smiths is a pharmacy that has been a long-time fixture in London.

Since its establishment in 1861, the store has been known for its selection of high-quality and affordable health products and supplies.

“Our aim is to provide the best possible service and offer the best value for money, but also make the pharmacy an attractive place to work and live,” Mather said.

“The opening of Smiths in Stratforty has a great connection to the wider area and we hope it will be a very popular place for customers.”

Smiths will be the latest company to open in London to cater for the growing need for health services, with the launch of three new health-care businesses at the Royal Marsden in Stratbury and the Royal Greenwich Hospital.