New York City’s ‘cheap’ prescription drug plan: Hy-Vee pharmacy is getting a $1,000 discount

New York’s pharmacy-benefit plan may be the cheapest in the country, but a Hy-ViE pharmacy in Brooklyn has a plan to cut the price even further.

Hy-VEE, a national chain, announced a program Monday to offer a discount on prescription drugs that are more than half the cost of generic equivalents.

The pharmacy chain, which operates more than 500 locations, is offering a $25 discount to pharmacies that offer the lowest cost-per-use of any of the brands on its pharmacy benefit plans.

The program will apply to drugs sold in any state, regardless of the drug’s brand name, and only applies to prescription drugs over $1.00.

Hyvee, which sells a wide range of prescription drugs, said it would apply the discount to all of its prescriptions sold in New York state.

It did not say which states will have the largest discounts, but it noted that it does not operate in any of them.

Hyvese has a national pharmacy benefit plan that is also popular with seniors, and it also offers an in-home pharmacy benefit that includes the same discounts.

The pharmacy chain has also made plans for lower-cost drugs for people with limited incomes.

But while many of these plans are more generous than the Hyvee plans, they are not as generous as the $1-a-pill plans offered by most pharmacy benefit providers, which generally start at $10.

HyVee has also announced that it will offer a new pharmacy benefit for older adults and people with chronic conditions.

The company has offered similar discounts for several years, but the new pharmacy benefits are the first to be announced.