How to access the Elixir pharmacy

The Elixir pharmacy is the pharmacy of choice for the most popular Elixir brand, and has become a fixture in the Phoenix area since opening in October 2017.

Its location is conveniently located just minutes from downtown Phoenix, offering an array of Elixir products, including gel, liquid and cream forms.

But, what about the cost?

There are a variety of options for Elixir users in the area, but the price tag for the pharmacy is usually $40 for the 10-day supply and $100 for unlimited access to all Elixir products.

Here are the pros and cons of using the Elixir Pharmacy: Pros: Cheap Elixir product selection, with products from the popular Elixir line available at the pharmacy for less than $40 per month.

Cons: The Elixir brand has become popular and popular in the past few years, so prices are not cheap.

But it’s still affordable.

The pharmacy is located at the corner of South Broadway and South Mesa Boulevard in Phoenix.

Price: $40/month for 10-days Elixir product, $100/month unlimited access