New pharmacy study finds low use of flu shots in the U.S.

More than 2,000 people in the United States use flu shots annually, a higher use rate than in many other countries, according to a study by pharmacy giant Optumrx.

In the United Kingdom, a similar study found the flu vaccine usage rate was roughly 3%.

The study, published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, found that the average flu shot usage rate in the country is just over 9% and in the European Union, it was over 16%.

“We found that about 9% of people in this study use the flu shot for no reason at all, and we’re not talking about very flu-friendly people, people who don’t feel well and who are just looking for something to help,” Optumrx CEO Michael Deutsch said in a statement.

“The average usage of the flu-shot is just about 10%.

If you’re not going to be using the vaccine, that’s probably not the best reason to use it.”

The researchers found that there were about 14.5 million people in U.s. who were vaccinated in 2015.

About 1.7 million of them had flu shots.

The average person who got the flu vaccination was in their mid-40s.

The study also found that in the UK, people over the age of 40 used the flu jab at about the same rate as adults, but the rate of flu usage was higher among older people.

The researchers noted that flu shots were a popular part of flu vaccination programs and that a higher number of people were being vaccinated than were being recommended to be.

The United States has one of the highest flu vaccination rates in the world, with about 91% of the population vaccinated.

“It’s just a little bit concerning that so many people are choosing not to get vaccinated, especially as we know that influenza can be deadly,” Dr. John Boudreaux, chief medical officer at the American Academy of Family Physicians, said in an interview.

“It’s a big problem when the numbers are low.

If you take a snapshot of what people do in a given day, and you look at the number of cases and the number that are hospitalizations, the numbers of deaths, and the fact that you’re still seeing some people getting sick, it’s not surprising that we see that level of low usage.”

The flu vaccine can help prevent the flu, but it also is a highly effective way to prevent catching the flu.

The CDC says that flu vaccines provide immunity against a variety of infections, including the flu and pneumonia, and they have helped prevent about 50% of hospitalizations and about 70% of deaths.

In addition to the flu shots, people can get the flu prevention shots for the common cold, which can also help prevent flu infections.