Same Drugs Lower Price

Overpriced Drugs

People who need their medication have no choice. They have to buy them if they get sick and drug companies know this. So, no matter how loud Americans scream at their politicians about overpriced drugs, the politicians are always going to have to look after the drug companies, because after all they help to finance their political campaigns.

A Place to Turn to

Now, thanks to the Internet, fed up people have a place to turn to for super low priced meds. That place is online pharmacies that operate from overseas locations. The price savings they reap varies between good to simply outrageous, depending on the drug. Antibiotics for instance, which are relatively cheap to produce, tend to be dirt cheap when purchased from online pharmacies.

Perfectly Legal

These are the exact same meds that you see at your local drug store. Same company same package, only with a much lower price tag. Often times, many online pharmacies don’t even require a prescription. Even so, there are now doctors who offer their services at a discount right online. Is it legal? The answer to that is yes. If you have a prescription for any legal drug, it is within your rights to bring it over the border.