Potency Multi Vitamins

We believe that people who are in general good health, in other words, are not suffering from any serious health problems, should not take these types of vitamins, although many marketers of so called health companies will lead people to believe otherwise. There are health risks in doing so if you people do take such vitamins.

Many people aren’t aware of many aspects of nutrition, and one that we feel people should know is that large doses of vitamin C can actually be toxic and can cause the free radicals to be produced. Free radicals impair your health and many experts believe, these chemical reactions are what lead to poor health and disease.

In extreme cases, high doses of vitamins like vitamin E can lead to excessive thinning of the blood, and could actually increase your chances of dying. This is no good for someone who has set out to improve their health.

We don’t want to scare you off vitamins, this is not our intentions at all, however people do need to be aware of what they are doing and the impacts it can have on your health. To be honest, taking vitamins in the correct balance and ratios, together with other important minerals and nutrients can lead to the best health of your life. In order for this, you need a quality product, an overall good diet, and some basic exercises.

Assuming you are using a quality product, vitamins can be extremely beneficial to your overall health.

High potency vitamins may do more harm than good and we advise you to steer away from such companies selling these types of vitamins.

To be honest, vitamins generally have very weak antioxidant properties, and the body needs antioxidants to get rid of harmful free radicals, the more powerful the antioxidant properties the better it is for you and your health.

The good news is that there are other nutrients that are much more powerful than vitamins and act as much better antioxidants. A powerful antioxidant is alpha lipoic acid, which is much stronger than taking high potency vitamins like C or E, it also has far less health risks. The reason is you would never have to consume high doses of this particular nutrient due to its brilliant efficacy.

When it comes to taking vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients for antioxidants, certain ingredients can end up canceling each other out, and also can react to each other, for better, or unfortunately, for the worst, which can significantly impact your health.

One certain ingredient that could normally be helpful for your body could actually become harmful and toxic to your body if taken with the wrong nutrient — or in the wrong dosages.