Pharmacy Technician Career Offer Stability

For some people, the damage done was so irreparable they had to resort selling their properties, cars, assets, withdrawing their kids from schools and even suicide as a last option. The present situation has got a lot of young adults and youths thinking more in terms of financially stable jobs that also has the potential of a lifelong career. One of these careers is the pharmacy technician.

While many people were being laid off their jobs in the banking and finance sectors, more pharmacy technicians were being hired to meet the rising demand for more hands and professionals in the health care sector. According to various medical news sources, the demand for pharmacy technicians is gradually increasing as more people fall sick nowadays compared to the ’70s and ’80s. Estimated surveys and statistics also show that as more people fall ill and more hands are needed, the demand for their services is bound to increase over the next 10 years.

For many people, the profession of the pharmacy technician is often placed on the same pedestal as a pharmacist. This however, is not true. Pharmacy technicians are like assistants to the pharmacists. They work alongside the pharmacist functioning and work as record keepers, aides to the pharmacists, getting patient records, and ensure make sure that all prescriptions are verified before delivery to the patients, keep and preserve medical files or data and can help in the application of the right labels to all prescriptions tendered.

Pharmacy technicians can work in the groceries, nursing homes, pharmacy shops, retails pharmacy shops, online pharmacies, hospitals, drug producing factories and everywhere the services of pharmacists are required. While they earn less than pharmacists, their annual salaries vary between twenty five thousand dollars a year to fifty thousand dollars ($25000 – $50000). And recent trends show that the salaries will increase with time as the demand for their services increase too.