There may be others eligible for Medicaid but that is determined by each state. Most who receive welfare will have a social worker who can advise them on its eligibility and who would be eligible for this program. Medicaid is a very expensive program and at times it is one of those controversial programs that some want to cut some of the funding while others in Congress do not. If any funding for this program was cut, there are many people, including children, disabled, and elderly, that would be without any basic medical care.

Another area that can be controversial is determining who is eligible for Medicaid. To be eligible for Medicaid you have to meet certain income qualifications and different living circumstances. The federal government and state run Medicaid jointly. Each state has various instructions in regards how to enroll in the program. Before you apply and start the enrollment process, you should check the qualification for eligibility. You will also be told which documents you need to have before a determination of eligibility will be given out. Some automatically qualify for Medicaid so there is no need to apply for enrollment. One example of immediate enrollment is those that are on SSI, may automatically qualify for Medicaid so they may never have to go through the enrollment process.

When applying for Medicaid to determine your eligibility you will need to have proof of your income, if you have any, or documentation for Social Security income or Disability payments. They will also need to have your address, names of doctors you have seen, especially if you are trying or disability, disability determination paper, what your monthly amount received, and social security numbers of the children living in the home under the age eighteen. When applying for Medicaid it does not determine that you are automatically approved but will look your case over and then make their decision. Some are denied Medicaid for various reasons like not filling out an application completely.