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Many Types of Pharmacy Jobs

Retail Pharmacy Jobs

Retail pharmacy is what we most often think of when considering pharmacy jobs. In a retail setting the pharmacist works in a department store, grocery store, or standalone pharmacy. His job is to fill prescriptions and talk with patients about the proper use of their medications. Most of us are very familiar with retail pharmacists.

Occasionally a retail pharmacist will be one who owns his own store. In this sort of scenario the pharmacist is a business owner who also has to worry about hiring and training staff, maintaining inventory, and dealing with all sorts of government paperwork. The complexity of owning a pharmacy has greatly reduced the number of owner-operators in the United States over the last several decades.

Clinical Pharmacy Jobs

A clinical pharmacist is one who works in a hospital or long-term care facility. As a member of the hospital staff, the clinical pharmacist …

Pharmacy Degree

Pharmacy schools abound throughout the United States. Many offer specific courses that are directly connected to degrees that are beneficial to becoming a pharmacist. With this remarkably condensed type of higher education offered it is easy to find a school that offers courses that are directly related to your goal of pharmacy training. Many schools offer courses that do not involve prerequisite courses that stem off and away from this direct goal.

Successfully engaging in the pursuit of a pharmacy career can occur at any age. Whether you have just graduated from high school or have been out of school for years, becoming a pharmacist or pharmacy technician can be an easily accomplished goal. You can also upgrade from being a pharmacy technician to working as a pharmacist in no time. If this type of a career interests you, you need only weigh the facts about the pharmaceutical needs of …

Available Pharmacy Career Schooling Possibilities

Through more extensive training students learn to make medications. This includes mixing medications, making sure patients understand health risks associated with different drugs, and advising patients. The work conducted by pharmacists includes giving proper dosages to patients and counseling patients in a variety of settings.

Training looks different for each area and students should find the right programs and colleges for their goals by researching available options. When working to become a pharmacy technician students will need to complete certificate or associate’s degree programs. Certificate programs typically last six months and develop the professional knowledge to obtain entry-level positions as technicians. Students examine the state and federal laws regarding the differences between hospital and retail operated pharmacies. Course topics in metric measurement, microbiology, and pharmacy practice teach students to properly work inside office settings. Students enter careers understanding how to fill prescriptions, communicate with insurance providers, and work with patients.…

Pharmacy Careers

People considering a career in pharmacy must have an undergraduate course work of at least 2 to 3 years and take the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT); some pharmacy schools require a Bachelor’s Degree. After having completed necessary requirements, they must apply and be accept to a pharmacy school that is accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education.

A Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) program is required in order for pharmacists to take the licensure examination. Most schools offer this program in a four year course. Future pharmacists will work as interns in different working environments; hospitals, clinic, and retail pharmacies, while taking classes on medical ethics, pharmacology, and toxicology. Specializing in either one of the two aforementioned areas or in research, they usually have to complete a one to two year residency once they’ve completed their Pharm. D.

The final steps for a prospective pharmacist are to pass …

Going After Any Local Pharmacy Career

One definite perk of this career is the potential to travel to exotic places. Pharmacists are often asked to travel to various places in order to study the medical benefits of plants and drugs there. They also get to attend pharmaceutical conventions all over the world to learn about new prescription breakthroughs and methods.

Another advantage of becoming a pharmacist is the job security. A career in pharmaceuticals is one of the world’s most sought after careers. In times of economic deflation and recession, a pharmacists knows that his or her position is safe and secure. Nearly a hundred percent of pharmacy school graduates find a job in their field in the first year after graduation.

In the event that helping people is definitely an curiosity regarding the one you have then a work within local pharmacy might be perfect for you personally. Pharmacy technician are some of the most …

Prepare For a Career As a Pharmacy Technician

A technician handles multiple tasks at a pharmacy, doctor’s office, or hospital. The technician works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist only. He deals with dispensing the medications to the patients and also prepares prescribed medications.

The pharmacy techs at insurance companies provide surety that the medications which are provided are correct and that the correct payment is received from patients.

The job description of a pharmacy technician expands beyond helping a licensed pharmacist fill the prescriptions or count medicines. The technicians are taking on more responsibility as they handle customer service issues, deal with patients, medical professionals and insurance companies.

The demand for pharmacy technicians is growing. According to statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are about 285,000 technicians as of 2006. And the number seems to be increasing.

The federal government has not laid down any requirements as far as education and training is …

Advantages Of Pharmacy Technician Certification

Certification in the Pharmacy field is also known as PTCB certification, which is offered by PTCB, for assessing the qualities and skills of a technician. The assessment is based on dexterity required in carrying out different pharmacy related functions, for serving and providing effective and safe service to the customers and patients in actual pharmacy settings.

The basic feature of Certification includes, 125 multi choice scoring and 15 non scoring questions. The time allowed for answering all scoring and non scoring questions is 3 hours. Non scoring questions are helpful during future quality test and exams.

The training programs for the Certification test can be availed from different community colleges, schools and trade schools. Even online programs are available for the Certification. The duration of the course is less than a year.

If a Technician is facing financial difficulties and is not able to attend these training programs, he/she can …

Pharmacy Tech

The basic job of a pharmacy tech is to fill prescriptions while assisting the pharmacist. This can be done in a hospital, in a retail pharmacy or in more of an office environment for one of the fast-growing online drug companies that ship medicines by mail.

Basic inventory management is one of the main job duties of the pharmacy technician. Drugs are received from the manufacturer and these shipments need to be verified and then stocked on the shelves for filling prescriptions.

Dispensing drugs into containers for patients is another job duty. Pills have to be counted, liquids need to be measured, and medicine containers need to be labeled. All of this requires a certain amount of data entry in order to properly keep track of supplies as well as great attention to details.

The amount of customer service required of each pharmacy tech will depend on the location or

Pharmacy Technician Careers

Being a pharmacy technician is interesting and provides one on one contact with customers. Most retail stores or hospitals have flexible schedules which appeals to many potential technicians. You may have had a prescription filled at a local pharmacy and noticed how busy and knowledgeable the technician is and the diversification of the job.

To get started, look into studying for a certificate through an accredited college or medical technology school. It may take six to eight months of education and training for completion. Besides learning how to take an order for a prescription, you will become familiar with how to prepare, fill and distribute them to customers.

In addition you will learn the basics of working in a pharmacy along with common drug interactions, side effects and other details of medications so you are skilled to perform the pharmacy duties. Also a student can become familiar with pharmacy laws …

Pharmacy Technician Career

Essential skills and qualities

There are important skills and qualities a person must possess to succeed in this field.

Communication skills

Be it writing or oral, the professionals should know how to interact with clients or customers. Apart from being helpful and polite, they should also learn how to communicate in a way that they can be easily understood by the people they are talking to.

Organizational skills

They are essential for individuals who wish to take a part in this career. Keep in mind that this profession involves a wide variety of responsibilities. With good organizational skills, they can easily handle the work assigned to them while providing their customers utmost care.


One mistake in filling prescriptions can result in serious health problems. To avoid this, pharmacy techs should know how to follow instructions so complications can be prevented.

Work Environment

The majority of them work in pharmacies, …