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Hospital Pharmacy Careers

A career in Hospital Pharmacy is not only a pursuit of an interest in Science but an opportunity to help people and make a difference by joining the national NHS healthcare team. Daily challenges, good rates of pay and job security make a role in Hospital Pharmacy a secure and rewarding career.

The typical day for a Pharmacist will involve:

  • Overseeing the health and progress of hospital patients prescribed drug therapy
  • Providing Physicians and other Healthcare Practitioners on drug selection, dosages, interactions and side effects
  • Advise and answer patients questions about their prescription drug therapy including possible side effects and interactions between different drugs they may already be taking
  • Provide advice on non-prescription over-the-counter drugs
  • Helping patients manage conditions alongside their prescriptions such as Diabetes, Asthma, high blood pressure or smoking cessation.

Qualified Pharmacists can expect to earn approximately between £20,000 and £30,000 depending on the area of employment. An …

Pharmacy Technician Salary

The medical industry however is growing at a rapid state. It is a great field to make a career. Not only does it pay well, there is no tension of people not needing medical services any time soon. Training and education however are important parts of a good career in pharmacy. The more expertise you have, the more your salary.

Let’s say you are already in the pharmacy field. What would really make a difference now is a Pharmacy Technician Certificate. In different cases, like a promotion, new job, high salary, this certification can provide you with an edge. If you want to expand the horizons of your career further, you should go for proper pharmacy training. A pharmacy degree is inevitable if you want a high paying salary.


The job of a pharmacy technician is very important. Patients have to be given advice on the administering of various …

Fraudulent Online Pharmacies

Ordering drugs online is quite useful now. Just a couple of clicks of the mouse and you’ll have the medications right at your doorsteps. Performing a transaction over the internet, however, may occasionally ask you to be cautious and be mindful of the potential risks that may put in danger your wellbeing. The US FBI, for instance, has considered this a common cyber crime and ranks it high on its watchlist. Recently, the US FDA has been leading a probe into whether a leading internet search engine has been profiting from illegitimate drug advertisements. In the same way, quite a few nations have notified their various food and drug boards to be extra watchful of shady organizations that perform illegitimate sales practices.

The majority of criminal online pharmacies sometimes receive requests without the need of prescription and even sell to minors and drug addicts. Some don’t require you to submit …

Benefits Of Pharmacy Technician Training

In this position you will assist licensed pharmacists prepare prescriptions and prescribed medical products for patients. In many states a person in this position accepts the prescription and verifies its accuracy as well as preparing it and then having it checked by the pharmacist. Establishing patient profiles, preparing insurance claim forms and other duties may also be included. This varies according to state regulations.

Study for this career is offered in a number of Junior/Community Colleges, Career Colleges, Vocational/Technical Schools, Trade Schools and Online Pharmacy Technician Schools. The course, which results in a diploma, certificate or associate degree, may be completed in two years or less. It is always important, when undertaking education classes of this kind, to check and be sure the school is accredited with the state health licensing board so you can receive certification.

The main courses to be taken are pharmaceutical calculations and techniques, record keeping, …

Pharmacy Technician Career Offer Stability

For some people, the damage done was so irreparable they had to resort selling their properties, cars, assets, withdrawing their kids from schools and even suicide as a last option. The present situation has got a lot of young adults and youths thinking more in terms of financially stable jobs that also has the potential of a lifelong career. One of these careers is the pharmacy technician.

While many people were being laid off their jobs in the banking and finance sectors, more pharmacy technicians were being hired to meet the rising demand for more hands and professionals in the health care sector. According to various medical news sources, the demand for pharmacy technicians is gradually increasing as more people fall sick nowadays compared to the ’70s and ’80s. Estimated surveys and statistics also show that as more people fall ill and more hands are needed, the demand for their …

Pharmacy Career Online

Pharmacy technicians may be taught how to support a pharmacist by completing on-the-job training. More employers in today’s growing field however prefer to hire those that have completed a formal education. The best educational training program is provided at the associate’s degree level. Students gain a complete understanding of what it means to be a technician. The job duties are explored through specific courses that teach students how to prepare prescriptions, label containers, and more. Online courses may include:

Students explore the different measurements and calculations used in the profession. The main goal is to teach students how to read and calculate the correct dosage for a prescription.

Technicians maintain the office and prepare insurance claims and patient profiles on a regular basis. In order to do these activities students need to be comfortable with the industry’s technology. Students study medical office administration, database management, up-to-date record keeping, and medication …

Many Types of Pharmacy Jobs

Retail Pharmacy Jobs

Retail pharmacy is what we most often think of when considering pharmacy jobs. In a retail setting the pharmacist works in a department store, grocery store, or standalone pharmacy. His job is to fill prescriptions and talk with patients about the proper use of their medications. Most of us are very familiar with retail pharmacists.

Occasionally a retail pharmacist will be one who owns his own store. In this sort of scenario the pharmacist is a business owner who also has to worry about hiring and training staff, maintaining inventory, and dealing with all sorts of government paperwork. The complexity of owning a pharmacy has greatly reduced the number of owner-operators in the United States over the last several decades.

Clinical Pharmacy Jobs

A clinical pharmacist is one who works in a hospital or long-term care facility. As a member of the hospital staff, the clinical pharmacist …

Pharmacy Degree

Pharmacy schools abound throughout the United States. Many offer specific courses that are directly connected to degrees that are beneficial to becoming a pharmacist. With this remarkably condensed type of higher education offered it is easy to find a school that offers courses that are directly related to your goal of pharmacy training. Many schools offer courses that do not involve prerequisite courses that stem off and away from this direct goal.

Successfully engaging in the pursuit of a pharmacy career can occur at any age. Whether you have just graduated from high school or have been out of school for years, becoming a pharmacist or pharmacy technician can be an easily accomplished goal. You can also upgrade from being a pharmacy technician to working as a pharmacist in no time. If this type of a career interests you, you need only weigh the facts about the pharmaceutical needs of …

Available Pharmacy Career Schooling Possibilities

Through more extensive training students learn to make medications. This includes mixing medications, making sure patients understand health risks associated with different drugs, and advising patients. The work conducted by pharmacists includes giving proper dosages to patients and counseling patients in a variety of settings.

Training looks different for each area and students should find the right programs and colleges for their goals by researching available options. When working to become a pharmacy technician students will need to complete certificate or associate’s degree programs. Certificate programs typically last six months and develop the professional knowledge to obtain entry-level positions as technicians. Students examine the state and federal laws regarding the differences between hospital and retail operated pharmacies. Course topics in metric measurement, microbiology, and pharmacy practice teach students to properly work inside office settings. Students enter careers understanding how to fill prescriptions, communicate with insurance providers, and work with patients.…

Pharmacy Careers

People considering a career in pharmacy must have an undergraduate course work of at least 2 to 3 years and take the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT); some pharmacy schools require a Bachelor’s Degree. After having completed necessary requirements, they must apply and be accept to a pharmacy school that is accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education.

A Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) program is required in order for pharmacists to take the licensure examination. Most schools offer this program in a four year course. Future pharmacists will work as interns in different working environments; hospitals, clinic, and retail pharmacies, while taking classes on medical ethics, pharmacology, and toxicology. Specializing in either one of the two aforementioned areas or in research, they usually have to complete a one to two year residency once they’ve completed their Pharm. D.

The final steps for a prospective pharmacist are to pass …