Canadian Drugs For Leukemia

Generic leukemia drugs are manufactured in Canada under strict guidelines imposed by Canadian government. These drugs have the required active ingredients. However, they may seem different and could have different brand names. Some drugs for leukemia have different names in Canada because these are trade or brand names registered by the manufacturer.

All generic leukemia drugs manufactured in Canada are subject to strict sanction processes and regulations similar to brand name drugs. Canadian government has stringent requirements for manufacturing drugs and has quality checks similar to those in US. Several Canadian drugs for leukemia are available which are cheap and hence result in considerable savings. Canadian drugs for leukemia are available at lower costs because of specific pricing policies in Canada and not because they are of an inferior quality. Some drugs sold at Canadian pharmacies are in fact manufactured in the US and repackaged for sale in Canada.

Canadian pharmacies ship drugs for leukemia according to the physician’s prescription that is sent to them. Canadian pharmacies dispatch a consignment required for three months at a time, based on the prescription given by the physician for a year. Thereafter, customers need to call and request a refill of the prescription. Shipment of refills is quite prompt. It is advisable to call for a refill about a month before the drugs will run out, so you are not left without your medication due to shipping delays.