Month: January 2019


Resveratol helps lower cholesterol. It is also said to be more powerful than Vitamin E in protecting against LDL oxidation that has been linked to cardiovascular disease. It may slow tumor growth by blocking the action of Cox-2 an enzyme that is believed to have a part in the development of colon cancer.

Resveratol is found in stems, leaves, and the skin of grapes. It is also present in purple grape juice, red or purple grapes, and peanuts. Research has shown that non-alcoholic red wine works just as well as its counterpart. The fermenting process in red wine raises the level of resveratol in red wine. Red wine has as much as 3 times as much as grape juice.

There were no reports on toxicity found. Neither were there reports on side effects. No drug interactions were noted. Also no information on precautions was noted. There is no RDA (recommended …

Muscletech Gakic

GAKIC is a pre-workout supplement that is designed to help your body remove toxins that are released when you fatigue your muscles. Research has shown that two of these toxins, ammonia and lactic acid, can be reduced by taking Gakic prior to working out. The theory is that when you reduce these fatigue toxins, you will allow yourself to lift more weight and for longer periods before you actually fatigue the muscle. Clearly, if you can lift more weight, your muscles will grow bigger, faster.

The interesting part about the Muscletech research on Gakic is that there is a lot of data to support their claims (something you don’t get much in the bodybuilding supplement industry) that have been published in some pretty decent publications.

Gakic works pretty quickly. You can get it in powder or pill formula and you take it about 30 minutes before you workout. It is